Car and driver lightning lap results

This time the car runs tough which it had never done before. The only reason it placed so well is that vir is a power track. Both the ctsv and the atsvs handily beat the old v2. Its a problem ive had off and on for a week that ive been ignoring because im a moron. Sure, its not the sportiest i know thats not what its for, body roll is pretty high and lacking paddles is pretty dumbfounding, but ive always loved wagons and this one struck the best balance on the. Over the last 10 years, 201 cars have had the pants driven off of them on the 4. Chevrolet camaro zl1 1le hot lap at vir lightning lap. Virginia international raceway grand east course post 012014. The 2019 c7 corvette zr1 wasnt king of virginia international raceway during car and driver s lightning lap tests this year, but it put up one hell of a fight and shamed a rival in the. Despite the unlucky anniversary, our luck this year wasnt too bad. Jump to latest follow status not open for further replies. The latest car and driver issue with the rendering of the midengine 2017 corvette zora on the cover also features the results from the magazines annual lightning lap competition where the latest stockunmodified offerings from selected manufacturers are raced against the clock at virginia international raceway. Once again we assemble the newest, hottest vehicles on the market and subject them to a reference lap on the fearsome virginia international raceway. Marc urbano car and driver we never meant it literally.

Their field has all the cars you would want to see in action. As we have done since the first lightning lap, since 2006, cd editors set the lap times. Weve tested hundreds of cars over more than a decade at virginia international raceway, which has proved itself the ultimate test of modern. The special models always were expensive, even back in the day, young people then couldnt exactly afford them as they cant now. So wait, the lap times for different cars may be set by different drivers. Yes but that was a new thing specifically for the 2017 year maybe also the 2016 not sure but dumb dumb dumblol. When we named our annual performance car torture test lightning lap more than a decade ago, we meant it in a figurative sense. Car and driver was surprised the camaro placed as well as it did. Car and driver just released the videos and article for 2017 lightning lap. View lap times new and old as we put a bow on our ninth lightning lap.

Car and driver lightning lap at vir ford focus rs forum. Previous story 2015 audi tt driver being an idiot on the highway video. Dont get me wrong i love that car to pieces but it feels really awesome to be driving something that does a little more than just a to b. Car and driver chevrolet blazer rs vs ford edge titanium. Im going to assume that no one at car and driver really believes that a conveys and better than an ampersand. High points have included the mosler mt900s setting the lap record in lightning lap 3. Of course, corvette z06 runs away from the field, beating every car ever except for last years porsche 918, which is in an entirely different price. Also cant wait to see motortrends driver s car article as randy will be hot lapping the sti im guessing itll be included.

Among the hundreds of vehicles car and driver has hotlapped at virginia international raceway, these are the quickest with four doors. Each of our five drivers is assigned vehicles to lap, but. Then a porsche 918 spyder rolled into class, like that transfer student in eighth grade with an earring, and crushed the mosler. I made the 12 mile drive home dreaming of a lightly used honda accord. Corvette stingray runs car and drivers lightning lap but. I also wanted to know how the mustang ecoboost with performance package would fair.

Camaro 1le results from 2016 car and driver lightning lap test at vir. Admittedly its not going to be visiting a track anytime soon, but my work commute has been a hoot. Every car, every lap time weve tested hundreds of cars over more than a decade at virginia international raceway, which has. Winners, lap times, and a new recordsetting porsche welp, despite all the nurburgring testing, this article just confirms that the stinger gt is a gran turismo and in no way a track car. Car and driver deserves quite a bit of credit here.

Every car and every lap from 10 years of lightning lap shootouts. Stinger gt in car and drivers 2018 lightning lap didn. According to gvirish on reddit, the lap times of car and driver magazines lightning lap around the virginia international raceway have been leaked for this year and the results are rather surprising. Car and driver just held their 10th annual lightning lap competition at vir with 18 cars grouped into similar classes based on price. Both of my previous gtis had the plaid seats with sunroof, while i usually do prefer leather the plaid seats look better to me and retro. Car and driver just held their annual lightning lap competition for 2015 and according to the results, the 2015 corvette z06 not only won its class, but dominated the entire competition by finishing fastest overall. Corvette zr1 finishes second overall, leading its class and beating most cars in the class above it. That would seem to throw a huge variable into the mix. What started as a handful of car and driver employees with a couple of toolboxes has. Running down this years lap times, plus the results for every car weve run over nine events. The chevrolet corvette zr1 finished second, just under two seconds behind the porsche, while beating a long list of. In the years of lightning lap, only two cars have run faster with less power. Car and driver organizes the lightning lap classes by the pricing of the.

Camaro6 camaro 1le results from 2016 car and driver. Boostaddict 2018 car and driver lightning lap results. These are the quickest lap times for the 180 cars weve tested throughout lightning lap s nineyear run. Here are some of the more interesting times, the rest is n the pictures below. Car and driver lightning lap 2014 results page 3 ford. There are six classes this year, five of which are. Car and driver does not include this years yet but interesting read. The 20 quickest cars in lightning lap history these 20 cars laid down the quickest lap times at virginia international raceway. Ru disappointed the c8 is not in car and driver lightning lap this year. Not only that, the corvette z06 was so fast that in the nine years of car and driver s lightning laps, only one other car has finished faster. Just for example, car and driver held its 3rd lightning lap at vir recently. Think of this as the north american answer to the nurburgring. Running down this years lap times, plus the results for every car weve run over ten events.

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